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A Little Bit About Us


Little About Us

At The Honeybee Home we believe every child has the right to explore the wonders of the world in a safe, supportive, loving and inspiring environment. In this space, a child will enter the world with more positivity, independence, and determination so they can grow into loving beings of the world filled with kindness and compassion. Infusing activities with nature and allowing children to explore to the best of their abilities in a safe environment is how we approach education in this home. The child leads their own findings, interests, and emotions of the day, and as their safe guides, we often learn more from them than we thought we ever could. Every day we learn together, about anything and everything our little hearts and minds desire. We use methods of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to keep this environment a calm, intentional and loving home, open to all families of all walks of life, and encourage exploration, expression and growth. We teachers have carefully curated this space with a calming sky room filled with sensory materials, a forest library for the perfect story time, and a scenic art room looking out into the world, as just some of the tools to assist the little honeybees and bumblebees to loving and learning all this magical world of ours has to offer. 

We have now expanded our little family and have enrolled more children to join us for our daily fun. We have a daily group of 12 with mixed ages from 12 months to 4 years old, designed for play based exploration and discoveries. The different age groups may spend some parts of the day separated for age and developmental appropriate activities.  


We also spend just as much of our day outside of these walls, in our huge play space outside. Whether we're learning to harvest veggies in the garden or creating masterpieces in the mud kitchen, we are outside, rain or shine, lovingly incorporating mother nature into our explorations daily. With our Reggio Emilia and Waldorf inspiring philosophies, we guide children to explore this world through their hearts and minds, and us as their contributors, guiding and encouraging them and making sure they are always feeling happy, loved, and safe. 


"May my soul bloom in love for all existence"

-Rudolf Steiner


Staff At The Honeybee Home


Honey Motley

Owner, Director  & Lead Teacher of The Honeybee Home


Rachel Reyes

Assistant Teacher

Image by v2osk

Alejandra Morales

Assistant Teacher

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