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Honey Motley

Owner, Director & Lead  Teacher

Honey was born and raised in Berkeley, California and has been living in Oregon since February 2020. She stayed in Eugene for the surrounding nature, her quaint little neighborhood and all the kind people she has met here. The 3rd out of 5 siblings, she has been working with children since she can remember. Babysitting at just 13 years old is where her passion for working with young children started. After babysitting and being a nanny in her teenage years, she began her career by becoming a teacher at a Reggio Emilia preschool in 2015. This is when she found her absolute purpose and passion for teaching small children. One of her greatest joys is watching young ones explore life through love, nature, mindfulness and the little miracles of the world. She is so grateful that she has the opportunity to watch children grow and learn everyday. Honey has been working with young children in Reggio Emilia settings for quite a few years and has loved the process of creating a program of her own! Honey also enjoys yoga, meditation, creating art, thriving in the kitchen, gardening and many other activities that build her knowledge on this beautiful world. 


Mireya Santos

Lead Preschool Teacher

Mireya is from McMinnville, OR, where she was born and raised. She first moved to Eugene, OR in 2017 to pursue a degree from the University of Oregon. Previously she had volunteered her time at after school programs for high school and middle school aged kids. While attending college she began working with children during her free time back in 2019. She loved the passion and being able to connect with children as they continued to grow and learn. She has since gained experience with 5 month to 5 year old children. Mireya really loves and enjoys her time being around all the kiddos and all that they can learn together as they grow. 


Rebecca Newell 

Lead  Toddler Teacher

Rebecca has called the Springfield/Eugene area her home for her entire life. She found her love for teaching when she was 16 years old and started teaching swim lessons at a local pool. She moved into the childcare field in 2020, where her love for teaching grew even more. She has experience working with children aged 3 months up to 6 years. She has been a lead One’s teacher for the last year and has found the age group that she adores. She loves watching her students explore the world around them and seeing their curious minds expand everyday. Rebecca is very excited to continue her teaching journey at The Honeybee Home and build a relationship with all of the wonderful families we have.

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